Splee and Glob: Monster Defense takes tower defense to the next level. Take control of either Splee or Glob to fend off a robot invasion against your monster-inhabited home world.


  • 2 player co-op action – play strategically as Splee and interact with your monstrous defenders or use Glob’s strength to engage in direct combat. Combine the skills of both characters to keep the invasion under control!
  • Multiple game modes – experience a seamless singleplayer and co-op campaign. Play alone, invite friends only or go fully public – the choice is yours! Or go competitive with the Versus mode.
  • Nonlinear gameplay – forget single lanes that you can’t interact with! Enemies can approach from multiple angles and can be controlled through clever maze-building.
  • Diverse A.I. – six different enemy units with different behaviours on the ground and in the air. While some head straight for the objective, others prefer to shred your defense.
  • Progression – start with seven complementary monsters to build self-sustaining defense lines. As you progress through the game, you will be able to unlock new monster upgrades, specializations, new strategic or combat skills for your character and consumable items!

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