The World

From the Encyclopedia Monstrum:

The world of Splee & Glob lies somewhere in a small galaxy full of opportunities. It orbits a small white dwarf, which in turn orbits a red sun. The world itself has two little moons, Gig and Gog – which are holy to its residents.


Speaking of which: The creatures living here would likely be considered as monsters if we ever met them.  They appear in all sorts of colors[1] and shapes. The planet’s flora is just as diverse. The world consists of 60% ocean, 10% rivers and 30% land. However, one shouldn’t be too overwhelmed by these numbers. When taking a closer look, the continents appear rather large and the rivers surmountable[2].  The climate on the largest continent is just as patchy as its landscape.


The by far most valuable natural product are the Skilltrees. Huge trees whose trunk is elevated far above the ground by their massive roots serve as sanctuary and place to rest for the planet’s residents. This is not only because of their function as shadow-casters during warm days, but also due to the Goo Blobs which grow nearby. Those provide our Monsters with energy and is the most used resource on the planet.

[1] Except for black and white. Though it is still debated whether these can be considered as “colors”. And in fact, one can never be absolutely certain whether certain creatures are in fact black and therefore never to be seen. Such as the giant invisible Prips.

[2] Except for the swamps in Kamesh. Those are absolutely not surmountable. Even the trees there habitually disappear and reappear somewhere else.


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