The Monsters

Several friendly Monsters help Splee and Glob on their journey to save their home world. While they all serve different purposes, each of them can be upgraded and even specialized throughout the game.


Wobble is the laziest in the group and tends to be rather grumpy. Even a punch can’t make him move anywhere. This makes him the perfect Monster to block enemy units and to create mazes.

ticklesTickles has his name for a reason. Living in the ground and watching out for prey, he loves nothing more than tickling others. A bad habit that becomes useful for slowing enemies down. They usually live in big communities, known as the fields of laughter.

squinkSquink tends to
drool a lot, but that doesn’t matter when his sticky ink hits enemy units. He’s a good match to attack air and ground units from a distance.

willyWilly has a humongous appetite but for unknown reasons, manages to keep his physique. Even the metal casing of the bots makes them more crunchy and thus, more appetizing. His biggest wish is the ability to fly, so he could finally eat all the tasty-looking things that float in the sky. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen.


Cetamort has an emo attitude and takes any chance to lift his anger. One should always look out for his blowhole because whenever it erupts, the shockwave will hurt more than one.

oculiOculi usually stays in solitude, since the other monsters feel watched in his presence. His staring eye looks far into the landscape and spots any enemy activity early.


Goo Pipe strictly spoken isn’t a monster, but rather a plant. Its refreshing Goo supply makes it every Monster’s favourite place to stay and comes in very handy whenever there is the need to plant a new monster, upgrade or heal one.

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