The Heroes

From the Encyclopedia Monstrum:

Splee and Glob are two Monsters who couldn’t be more different. Well, both at least have the same amount of limbs, two eyes and one mouth[1], walk upright and are generally very agile and active. But apart from that and some other trifles, they are completely different.


In our world, one would consider Splee to be a nerd. She is interested in topics that aren’t relevant to the mainstream Monster culture. The fact that Splee has fingers (unlike most other Monsters) enables here to craft things from other things. In fact, she uses this ability (more or less successfully) in order to help other Monsters in distress, to explore the world or to make everyday life more complicated.

Splee’s explorer spirit connects her with Glob and the tiny Squing – a squidlike monster who grew quite short compared conspecifics. Thus, he loves being carried around by Splee. His ability to shoot off a sticky liquid saved Splee from more than one nasty situation.


While Splee is rather clever, Glob’s strength is his, well, strength. Despite his tiny legs, he is rather agile and his large arm spikes can penetrate most materials. Even though he’s a musclehead, he has got a friendly temper and quickly panics. But when it comes to help  his friends in need, he bravely fends off any bully with his outrageous physical powers.

[1] Which is not necessarily usual for Monsters. Nature has found enough ways of ingestion that do not require a mouth. Some are more, some are less reasonable.


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