The Enemies

No one knows where exactly they came from, but ever since the metallic robot army landed on Splee and Glob’s planet, they haven’t left out any chances to destroy Skilltrees on their way. With their diverse units, they force all the Monsters to work together.

orbotOrbot is a light ground unit that can turn its head 360 degrees and opens fire on anything nearby while steadily proceeding to its objective.

raybotRaybot ignores any defenses and races straight for the objective with high speed.

bullbotBullbot is quite slow, but heavily armored at the same time. It will take joint forces to take down this unit, whose main purpose is to shred defense lines.

beebotBeebot is Orbot’s flying brother and soars through the air outside the reach of certain Monsters.

dronebotDrone has a short life span, as it scans for the most valuable Monsters in its reach and crashes right into them.

bumblebotBumblebot is a heavily armored air unit. Despite its slow flying speed, its projectiles deal heavy damage.

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